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inking warmup!

Hey hey hey! PSA that the comic I’m kickstarting right now is FUNDED!

So if you want to grab a copy, or help us reach some (IMO) kickass stretch goals, go throw money at it! It has six days left, so it’s now or never :)

Also I want to say THANK YOU to anyone who has already backed us. Seriously. Thank you!!!

Inking warmup

Doodles from the plane. The bottom one is where I realized that the kuretake pen is a game-changer. 



It’s Coming.

I’m going to have a story in this! 

Guys I’m in this too and it’s gonna kick ass.

A lighting study that got incredibly self-indulgent incredibly fast.

Roughing some pages for The Dead, a graphic novel I’m drawing that is currently getting funded on Kickstarter. (JUST SAYIN OKAY)

babies *_*

A new self portrait for promo stuff, because it’s been like a year since I’ve done one and I hate all the old ones (predictable).