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Some more character design work for a personal project I will probably never have time to work on (but I just can’t help myself ahhh)


ahh it’s a sci-fi thing, I’m still world-building whenever I get a spare moment, but Nur is a miner who needs those body-mod bits to leave this plane and go mine on another one. The “ore” they mine is a “magic” fuel, and well, it’s also pillaging from an alien plane so basically like every time humans go resource-grabbing the shit has to hit the ceiling at some point.

Add that to the fact that mining is a thankless militarized job that only desperate and poor people will accept as employment, and worse, it’s a dirty secret job that the corporation running it keeps a tight leash on. People whose contracts are over tend to disappear, mainly because the corporation is worried that their miners will discover that they are actually mad OPed and could fuck a whole bunch of shit up just with the residual fuel running through their perfectly enhanced veins.

Yeah so that’s the setup kinda??? I’m actually gonna use a different character from this world for my Horizon 2 story so GET READY