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Hey hey hey! PSA that the comic I’m kickstarting right now is FUNDED!

So if you want to grab a copy, or help us reach some (IMO) kickass stretch goals, go throw money at it! It has six days left, so it’s now or never :)

Also I want to say THANK YOU to anyone who has already backed us. Seriously. Thank you!!!

Inking warmup

Doodles from the plane. The bottom one is where I realized that the kuretake pen is a game-changer. 



It’s Coming.

I’m going to have a story in this! 

Guys I’m in this too and it’s gonna kick ass.

A lighting study that got incredibly self-indulgent incredibly fast.

Roughing some pages for The Dead, a graphic novel I’m drawing that is currently getting funded on Kickstarter. (JUST SAYIN OKAY)

babies *_*

A new self portrait for promo stuff, because it’s been like a year since I’ve done one and I hate all the old ones (predictable).

Hey guys! The graphic novel I’ve been working on for a while now is now being funded on Kickstarter!!!!!

Please check it out, and if you like what you see and you want to read it, please give us some support! It would mean a lot to me ;_;.

part of a thing for work….this color scheme is addicting.